I was able to find some set footage of Milla working on Resident Evil The Final Chapter.

Screen captures of Milla from Zoolander 2 are now in our gallery. Unfortunately, Milla only has a small part in the film.

I’ve updated the gallery with the following:

The gallery has been updated with Milla’s 2016 event photos. More photo updates are on the way.

I’ve discovered more news about Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and a new film project Milla is working on. Her new film is called Future World. On set images from the new movie are now in the gallery. Resident Evil The Final Chapter has a January 2017 release date. I will keep everyone updated on both movies as more news is released.

Screen captures of Milla in the Three Musketeers are now in the gallery.

The Three Musketeers (2011) > Screen Captures