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Ultraviolet Features

DVD special features from Ultraviolet are now in the gallery. I will also be working on adding more special features from various movies.

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Live in Texas

Screen captures of Milla from 1994 performing in Austin Texas are now in the gallery.

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Site Update

I’ve updated the site with a new theme! I’m working on the gallery theme it will be uploaded soon.

I’ve also added pages which includes Milla’s bio, filmography career, her music and more to the site. I’m not sure why they were deleted before. But the pages are back up now. I will be adding more info to the pages soon as well.

So keep checking back for the latest site updates and more on Milla.

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L’Oreal Paris Captures

Hey guys I’ve added a bunch of captures from Milla’s L’Oreal commercials. Stay tuned more are on the way.